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Susan Miller
Clinical Massage Therapist


Licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board.

100 hours of Oncology/ Hospital-based massage.

Certification in cervical spine disfunction.

Certification in TMJD

  (tempromandibular joint disfunction)


Sports Therapy....

Golf shouldn't hurt.

As an executive coach, I often hear my clients say that work-related stress has caused chronic pain and discomfort. We all have stress.  From my personal experience, I can testify that Susan Miller has eased the pain in my life.

Brenda, author and executive coach.


Repetitive motion from my career as a drummer has caused significant pain in my hips. Susan knew exactly how to relieve my pain. My drumming and my tennis game are better, because I feel better.  I highly recommend you try Susan's magic.

Karl, market researcher and musician.

Taking care of my father and my husband's health, I have been under an extreme amount of stress lately. Susan Miller has alleviated the pain in my back and hips, and she has helped my emotional state, as well. I can't thank her enough.


Beverly, client:  in-home services.


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